Rhino6 doesn't load latest save?

Hi there!

To preface this, I’ve recently started working on Rhino 6/Grasshopper and I’m very new to this program and its systems!

So, I did some work on Rhino and Grasshopper (points, curves etc) with both programs “connected” to each other. As I finished my work, I saved both files separately. To see if my work was saved, I figured I’d open both up again. So, I start Grasshopper first which automatically starts Rhino6 aswell - problem here was that the Rhino6 sheet is empty. Fair enough I figure, maybe I need to open the Rhino6 file first? Nope - it’s not my most recent save here either.

Now, you’re probably thinking “obviously you forgot to save as you closed the program!” (even tho I 10000% did not) - I wish that was the case. The thumbnail/icon on the Rhino6 file shows my latest drawings, but yet when I open it, said drawing does not appear!

As for grasshopper - all my params, panels, sets etc are still there as I saved it - it’s just that the points and the likes are not connected to anything on Rhino6.

Is there ANY WAY to troubleshoot this and see what I’ve done wrong? Maybe I’m just not saving it properly?

Hello - most likely, the geometry you were seeing in the Rhino file was GH geometry - that is, not yet in the Rhino file. Depending on what the inputs to your GH components were, I’d think you’d see it all again when opening the GH file. In short, ‘Baking’ GH stuff is what brings it into the Rhino file, but GH stuff that is displayed but not baked is not in the Rhino file.