Unable to save Rhino 7 file, when Grasshopper is opened


If I open a Rhino file, I can save it perfectly well. But If I open a file and then open Grasshopper, I can’t save the 3dm-file because Rhino says it is in use. I can only save it as a new file (Save as).


I checked the directory where my 3dm file is and a 3DM_TMP file is created (by Grasshopper?) that presumably prevents me to save the file.

I played a little with it and the way I get it to work is first open a new Rhino document, open Grasshopper, then open the Rhino file I want to work on, and now it saves fine.


Hello - are you running Hops components in GH?


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Bingo, yes I do.

Hello - OK - just let me check, there is a fix for this but I am not sure which build to direct you to.


I believe just update the latest Hops plugin using PackageManager.



Ok, thanks I’ll try this