Save a Grasshopper model as a .3dm file?

I’m very new to Grasshopper and just learning how to work with it. Is it possible to save a model created with Gh as a .3dm file? I tried doing this, but it didn’t seem possible.


EDIT: What I’m really wanting to do is to see if I can edit a model created with Rhino using Grasshopper.

Page 28 of the Grasshopper Primer (v3.1) discusses baking which is partly what I wanted to know. But then what if I want to go the other way? Start with a Rhino model and take it to the Gh interface?

You can reference existing geometry from Rhino using the components on the “Params” tab, Geometry section. You can reference points, curves, surfaces, polysurfaces (breps), meshes, etc. Once you have referenced them, all the usual GH operations apply. Keep in mind that you are always working on a copy of the object, when you bake, it will add a new object to the file that does not replace the original.

HTH, --Mitch

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