What happens when you lock a detail

Am I imagining this but when you lock a detail by selecting it’s edge and running the Lock command shouldn’t you be unable to activate the detail? @Pascal @Mary -I’m working in layout space and trying to draw something over a detail and I keep bouncing in to it – even though I’ve locked it. And I don’t mean lock as in Properties/ Lock where you keep it’s scale from changing. To get around it I was hoping hat maybe the Selection filter would help me but none of the options seem to disable my tendency to fall in to the detail including Others. Any thoughts??

Locking only freezes the Zoom and Pan.
You can still double click inside of it to make it “active”, but when you try to Zoom the whole Layout gets closer and farther away.
The objects inside the detail stay at the same display scale when the Detail is locked.

I think he was refereing to the object lock and not the detail lock in the panel :slight_smile:
@cosmas have you tried the detail lock? I think it does what you need. (I use it all the time, but wish it was split into zoom (scale) and pan)

There should be a way to draw in layout space OVER a detail without accidentally “falling” in to model space because you pressed just a little bit too hard…

I’m trying to understand the problem…

You are in a Layout, and adding annotations, maybe dimensions, and you’re finding you accidently double click and activate a Detail so your pointer goes to the model instead of staying in the Layout?

Hi John,

Yes, but not just adding annotations and dimensions but actually drawing over the detail – like tracing whatever object is in model space. There should be a way to draw over the area of the detail without accidentally activating the detail. For example, when you lock the detail it should not activate – or alternatively unselecting one of the Selection Filters like maybe the Other one should apply to details… that’s what I’m saying :slight_smile:

Generally, when you “Lock” an object of a layer in Rhino, you can see it and Osnaps work on it, but that’s about it.

If I Lock the Detail itself, all that happens currently is I can’t select the rectangle. Would it make sense that a Locked Detail should also not activate if you double click inside it?

Would a change like this screw up other user’s production flow?

I don’t know, John. That should definitely be considered but why would anyone want to lock a detail if it was still subject to being activated?

“Lock” I think is a poor choice for the Property option of the Detail object. “Lock display” probably makes more sense.

The double click inside the Detail to activate it, and the obvious display difference when active were the features designed into the U/I to avoid what you’re complaining about.
To be honest, I don’t recall anyone every fussing about this before.

Do you have screen colors set in a way you can’t visually tell if you’re reaching through a Detail or not?

To me it makes sense that there are two ways to “lock” a detail.
1 - “normal” object lock that locks it’s position on the layout and
2 - “the detail lock” that locks it’s point of view.
(And I repeat the wish to only lock the aspectratio :wink: )

But if you lock the details access to editmode then a lock object state should IMO be added to the detail panel so it’s object lock status can be unlocked and locked there too.

But my biggest hurdle with zooming in on a detail and then enter the edit mode (double click) is that it is hard to get out again. ESC doesn’t do it and if there are many hatches or objects in the view it can be hard or impossible to double click to get out again. So adding a “quit edit mode” to the panel would be nice, or add a 2xESC feature.

To reproduce this do as follows:

  • Make a layout
  • Zoom in on the default detail so if fills your view.
  • Double click to enter editmode
  • Make a rectangle and hatch it.
  • zoom in on the hatch so it fills your view
  • now how do you get out of edit mode?

Detail command, “N” for EnableDetail disables it.

NextViewport or clicking on a viewport tab gets you out but leaves the Detail Enabled.

I agree, having some U/I in the properties panel to Enable/Disable it would be helpful.

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I agree too, Thank you.

Please consider double esc to get out too. That to me would be fast and intuitive too :slight_smile:

Hi Jorgen - the by-the-book way is to choose ‘Layout’ from the context menu:



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Thank’s Pacal, I know, but shortcuts are so much faster :slight_smile: But it’s good to have it here in the thread though!
(To mee it’s logical to have doubleclick to enter and doubleclick to get out and double esc if it fails, but the pulldown is logical too though!)

Hi Jorgen - Esc does seem logical but it would need to be three - at least I think so - currently outside of a command, 1xEsc deselects if anything is selected, 2xEsc also turns off points if any are on.


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Hi Cosmas - added


I do not know off hand if there is a good reason for the current behavior or if it just happened to work out that way - the developer will push back if he thinks it is a bad idea.



Thank you!