Layout & Detail View Layers - How to Lock them?

Is there a simple way to lock the Layout setup for any Detail View in Layouts ?

The issue and frustration of Layers changing in the Detail View of Layouts whenever they change in the Model space appears in posts dating back to 2014. There has been little progress to address this with some creating scripts to fit with their workflow.

All I am looking for is one simple feature.
“When I click the checkbox Locked under the Detail View properties the Layers are also locked for that Detail View.”
They do not change no matter what happens in other views and model spaces, including new layers not being made visible.

Currently when a Detailed View is Locked Rhino prevents panning, scale, rotation or Set View so why does it not lock the layers as well ?

Am I completely missing something ?

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It’s nasty, yes. Use this freeware plugin/script until these issues are fixed, and don’t pull your hair out in the meantime.

I really hope the layout/detail layer visibility problems will be tackled for R8. Having to wait another release cycle would be hard.

Hi Paul -

No, you are not missing anything - that workflow is not currently available.
I’ve added your comment to feature request RH-19685.