Disable Detail Window Activation?

A double click can still activate a locked detail window so that objects can be selected and edited. Sometimes I would like to prevent this from happening.

You have a general misunderstanding of what locking a detail does.
It is only locking the display Zoom/Pan.

When you clicked Locked, do you notice the Scale Value under it grays out?

That’s all it does.

The idea is to set a specific display scale and lock it, so when the Layout is printed at 1:1, the details contents is printed to a specific scale on paper.

From the Help file:


Locks details so the view cannot be panned or zoomed.

Yes, thanks John, I lock detail windows all the time and I’m aware of what it does.

I’m looking for something else, something to prevent a detail window from activating.

I suppose the plain old Lock command should do this, maybe? Currently it does not, I don’t recall hearing the request before - would that work for you, if the detail object were locked or on a locked layer, it could not be activated?


It’s good to have separate commands for locking the display (which is what we have now) and locking the activatibility of a detail. I think they’re both useful.

Perhaps ctrl+L should make a detail window inactivatible (not really a deviation; that command neutralizes attempted actions on every other object), with the current Lock in the detail properties window continuing to lock the detail window display (and maybe it should be named “Lock display”.)

Hello- my question is about the Lock command as applied to details, and details on locked layers - if that made them un-activateable, would that suit your purposes?
RH-66428 Lock to lock detail activation


If the lock command made details unactivatable, it would be great.

I would lobby for something else. I routinely Lock a Detail at a specific Zoom then adjust from there.
I can see the advantage of freezing a Detail so it can’t be activated.

To clarify my thoughts:
I think we need two types of locking of viewports. I think they must be separate commands.

  1. locking navigation but allowing point-editing the detail boundary and activating the detail. I think this is essential just as it is.

  2. a command which prevents activation.

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