What export settings of a mesh model for bringing into rhino should I choose from these?

Using Agisoft Metashape and about to bring the resulting model with its texture into Rhino.
I have already thought I will need texture and exported it as jpg , as 2 files, one with alpha channel.
I then export model and see options also there for alpha and texture, so maybe I could have saved myself the earlier export.

Here are the options, what should I choose to suit Rhino ?


I need Rhino to show me the model with the texture mapped to it.
What do I need to do so as to have that happen ?
I presume the texture sits in the same folder as the model, does Rhino map that to the model ?
Do I go file import and browse to the obj, or file open ?
Will the texture appear with it or are there settings I must make ?

Excited and scared it wont work at same time, will Rhino manage to show it ?

Its a simple 6ft long T beam with axle and small wheels at either end. I made the model ignoring the wheels., its got parts of them from the parts it could see in the beam photos it was fed.

it had 18,812,309 faces before I chose decimate and opted for 25% , as rotating it was like wading through molasses !

now it has 10,011,847 faces, vertices 5,011,084 still feels slowish.

I wonder what can Rhino manage to show ?

I am win7 64bit pro, i7 4790 3.6 GHz 32Gb DDR Corsair Vengeance pro ram Nvidia GTX970 4gb ram.

initially it was 17m 52sec depth maps,
1h 22min dense point cloud,
then a mega 6hr 11 mins build mesh. This despite having deleted out all unwanted points for foliage and ground thinking it would speed up the model make.
Then edit out all unwanted parts of mesh (ground and fence)
Import masks from model,
do the workflow again, inc align photos so its now blinkered from seeing the floor and fencing.
Depth maps 26m 32s
DPC 56m 14s yet still it has created parts unwanted of floor .
mesh creation 3h 55mins

I went with those just to see, and its opened with texture.
VERY HORRENDOUSLY SLOW, to move about though.
Properties says… Open double precision polygon mesh: 5076956 vertices, 10011847 polygons with normals

What needs doing to get this more ‘manageable’ ?

rotate takes 3 mins to happen. save file takes 3 mins
460Mb is file size I see.