What settings to get Rhino to match Metashape mesh textures?


I have exported a model from Agisoft metashape 1.7.4 into Rhino choosing .obj
I view it in Rendered mode and its softer. Even worse in shaded mode and unusable in that mode to work on.

However in rendered mode as soon as I deselect a drawn curve it vanishes.

I need this to look good so I can follow all the details when drawing on it. The same goes for a tractor I have just created pending final tweaks. I need Rhino looking same as metashape quality.

How do I get this looking same as Agisoft in at least rendered mode ? At least that has to be possible ?
I see one can export texture as .jpg but also see its already happened and I didnt do it. Its a square with a myriad of bits of images. The .obj no doubt knowing exactly how that gets mapped to the mesh.

I really need to draw on it in rendered mode, so how can I have lines etc remain visible when deselecting them. In other words rendered mode giving me all the experiences of shaded mode with the better image ?
If I cant see the details to reconstruct it then I guess I will have to surface it perhaps and draw it in shaded mode.


In the “Display” panel, when the viewport is in rendered mode, under visibility, check “curves”.


…And what settings make the texture appear same as in metashape and not blurred ?


For that unfortunately I have no idea…

Steve -

If you post a small file with a textured mesh, we can take a look but I wouldn’t be surprised that this works a lot better in Rhino 7 than it did in Rhino 5.

these 3D files are never small, this one is not very big an item and 85Mb so beyond any upload here,.being a technical item its the sort of thing where image quality counts, a brick might not be so good to suss.
Its a simple matter of how does Rhino render a jpg, same as how its seen in photoshop one would hope and assume. Unless of course the export as obj messed it up. There are no settings to choose that I can see at time of export, it just has obj as an export option.

I can wetransfer it to a McNeel address, who do I send it to ?



You don’t need wetransfer - just upload it on Rhino - Upload to Support and mention this thread in the comments field.


okay will do.
I have noticed that metashape exports adj with two files, the texture .jpg and an .mtl file and it says all three to be in same folder, which they are.
When I create a new file small inches, and import the obj I see just an .obj. Does Rhino pull in the jpg as well (perhaps the .mtl makes it do so ?) and map it to the mesh, because what I am seeing in rendered mode is the shaded only view that metashape has, though not as good. Metashape in fact when make texture command is run, sees some very blurred areas occur and the jpg texture image is covered in blurred patches. Very nice whereits normal, see all the minute rust speckles, but also totally blurred parts which were looking fine as ‘shaded’ mode.
Subject of a post to them !
So where has the ‘textured’ jpg gone to as is if was pulled in it would have the blurred bits !


Hi Steve -

… and from one of your other posts on the subject:

You can open the .mtl file in notepad. You will see that it references the .jpg file. so, yes, the .jpg file is used as well.

When you just import that .obj file into Rhino 5, the mesh is shown with vertex colors only. When you select that object and change the “Assign material by:” property in the Properties -> Material panel, from Layer to Object and then apply the .jpg file to the Textures > Color channel, the result will be less soft and somewhat more in line as what you see in Metashape.


You can then also play with the Sun and / or Skylight settings to throw shadows where you want.

In Rhino 7, with Physically Based materials and Cycles, you’ll see something like this:


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Hi Wim,
FANTASTIC :smiley: :clap:

Thats it, BINGO…it now has texture as in Metashape (in fact as in Photoscan as its the only way to get a decent texture, Metashape 1.7.4 has (and I wish someone had told us all, forum no where near as good as here) a bug and messes up textures.

Can you just enlighten me on how or where this is:-

I now need to add a scale, then export this so an online viewer can rotate it, ortho it, measure it.

Another massive hurdle still. not sure of how on that. needs an embedded texture so fbx ?
How are Rhino files saved to be admissable to an online viewer with texture and scale. For free, with ortho options and a measuring gizmo, for client only viewing >

already asking of this but not solved yet.


Hi Steve -

Run the Sun command to set sun and skylight options.

when I import the obj created by metashape, the command line says unable to find .mtl file and warns textures wont be created.
Now metashape makes an .obj .mtl and .jpg when export model as .obj is chosen.

I place all three into a folder suitably named. I browse to that folder with Rhino when doing the import, I see only the .obj and upon selecting ok I get that warning about .mtl

Why doesnt Rhino see that .mtl ?

I then select the object and do Wim’s solution and browse to that folder and there is the .jpg showing and select that and follow Wim’s method and I get a decent texture in Rendered mode.

Would those steps not be needed if Rhino saw the mtl file ?


If you can share the OBJ file we can see what the reason is. But if I were to guess the MTL file is mentioned with maybe an absolute path, and it can’t be found in that location. You can open the OBJ file in a plain text editor and see what it says for the material reference. If it has a path then make sure only the file name to the MTL is mentioned, since you place it next to the OBJ file. Also maybe some unexpected charcters are in the file name?

I am happy to send the obj file and its assoc .mtl and .jpg

also then you can see how long it takes to save, compared to my 30 secs.

How do I do so ?


You can zip all relevant files into one archive then upload using Rhino - Upload to Support . The upload page through the provided link will have me as the recipient. I will get a notification when the upload has completed.