What command to extend a mesh?

I need to extend my wing surface and I see its a mesh, when trying for ExtendSrf and unable to select edge of wing surface !
selecting it and looking at properties>details it says mesh.

else can I make it a surface then extend it ?


If sufficient then just turn on control points and move the ones you need to move.

Hi, I need to extend the wing surface inwards on the same trajectory as the wing gets larger as it heads to fuselage, so extend surface would have done that, but dragging control points I am not sure how to tell it to do that same trajectory.


Yes . use Extend surface. It must be a surface and not a poly surface. This tool is in Fillet Surface icon [press and hold Fillet Surface icon]. After pressing the Extend surface icon choose the type. Then select the edge of the surface you whant to extend. At that point you can enter a value or make 2 click with the mouse giving the distance. In your case you select the profile and rhino will try to conserve the airfoil.

Maybe you could produce some temporary guide lines.—Mark

as the wing radiates out in all directions I would need guidelines to drag each control point, oh dear.

Can one create a surface over a mesh ?

cant believe its a mesh, I had wing profiles and made surface between them. then was told to break up the profiles into segments, same number for each profile and skin between segment 1 rib 1 and segment 1 rib 2 etc, all way to wing tip, then join them.

Now I have a surface I cant extend.

I have now gone back in time to tne original surface, select it, properties>details says polysurface …rats !!

How does one extend a polysurface ?


Explode the polysurface, ExtendSrf each surface which needs extending, Join the surfaces

Hi, Cheers, it has lots of thin ‘planks’ all joined edge to edge heading from frame 1 out to wingtip, so not a quick job then.


Extending 10 edges should take less than two minutes

select polysurface to explode
right click to explode

select first edge to extend
enter extension "length"
right click

if extension length needs revising then Undo and repeat above with revised extension “length”

if extension length is okay then

right click to repeat command ExtendSrf
select next edge to extend
right click
repeat until all edges are extended

select surfaces to join
right click

I don’t know who told you to work this way, but it is not at all the way I would model a wing - unless it’s really built out of discreet wood planks between frames… I would probably split the original airfoil profiles at the leading and trailing edges so that you have an upper and a lower set then loft all the upper set together and all of the lower set together to form the wing with just two continuous surfaces (not including the wingtip which you should model separately). If you had done that, you would be able to freely extend the upper and lower surfaces of the tip or root end as needed in one simple operation, and the surfaces will be smooth and continuous.

As it is now I have no idea how you are going to guarantee surface continuity between adjoining edges of your “planks”.