Surface extension

Does anyone know a link to a step by step for dummies instruction showing how to extend a surface?
I’m struggling with the EXTENDSRF command getting no where.
The help instructions are not very beginner friendly.

thank you

Hi jeronimo- can you post the surface you are trying to extend? The input is an edge of the surface and some distance - often not really an accurate 3d distance as it turns out, depending on the surface, but some number that is the distance you’d like to extend. Do you get any feedback at all? The surface cannot be part of a polysurface- joined to another surface, that is - so if it is, use ExtractSrf to pull it out, then use ExtendSrf.


Thank you Pascal.
I see. I get no feed back at all. I think I may not have an “edge” them. Maybe a need to turn my grid into a surface, with an edge first. I used the command with the tutorial surface files ok, so it means i may not be setting up the surface properly?
The dxf grid file is too big but I’ve attached a screen shot of it.
Sorry , all this is probably very trivial…

Hi jerionimo- - that appears to be a mesh, a different type of object altogether. It’s hard to say from the view you posted what the shape is but just at a wild guess, if might not be too hard to reverse engineer into a surface - for example, if it really is a thin,relatively simple shape, maybe running Patch might get you a surface- whether this is a useful thing or not depends- what are you shooting for here? What are you making?


Thank you pascal
Sorry to take a while to reply.
I realise now it was a mesh. So I used PATCH to generate a surface…Thank you.
Do you know of example tutorial that take beginners through this process.
I Have gone through the help functions but not much there for beginners…
Thank you