Extend polysurface edge

Hello friends,
I am pretty new to Rhino, I have searched for an answer but none of the solutions found, did work for me. So plea se help: I’ve created a SubD surface, transformed it to a Polysurface (didn’t succeed to obtain just a surface) using ToNurbs. Now I want to join it to another adjacent surface. In order to do this I need to extend it in that direction. I tried using ExtendSrf and it wouldn’t work. I presume because it’s a polysurface. How can I obtain just one surface instead of a polysurface or how can I extend the edge of the polysurface?
Thanks in advance for your time and effort!

Orange surface to extend.3dm (1.4 MB)

Just explode the polysurface and extend the edges one by one.
HTH, Jakob

Hello, thanks, I’ve seen this hint already, tried it, wasm’t able to join the pieces back together. There appeared new gaps between the newly created small surfaces

I’ve suceeded! I’ve tried again, this time joining them all together at once. I thought they must be joined in pairs, which didn’t work. Thanks a lot!

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