Extend polysurface edges?

Can this be done with extend surface command or something similar?

Explode/extract, extend, join back - my current workflow.

That is what im currently doing, seems long winded

The extend command accepts (poly)surface edges as input… No need to extract

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^ we’re talking about extending the polysurface edge as in modifying the polysurface.

If you know your surface is rectangular and straight everywhere you can Shift-Ctrl select its edge(s) or SolidPtOn and use move command.

unfortunately its a twisting surface, I don’t seem to be able to attach a file.

Oh ok…
What you could do is subselect the edge you want to extend (with Shift+Ctrl) and then Scale1D that edge… :wink: how’s that?

Hi Tobias- I’m reading the command in question as being ExtendSrf, despite references to edges. That does not work in a polysurface.



Is it possible to post an example up?


I’m looking for similar tool, some way to extend the face of a polysurface. Is there something like this already? right now i’m building each face manually and it looks like this could be automated.

Heres a simple example


Hi Aurel - there is not a clean way to do that I’m afraid. Probably faster to make a new object.


OK thanks