What command or manager will restore a hide/show status as well as layer visibility status?

I have used Layer StateManager to set a restore point for when I have got visibilty of geometry and images as I need them for one task, I then turn on all layers and run show command (r/c on grey lightbilb tool) and find the item I need, note the layer its on, then try a few more things out, then wish to get back to where I was, when I restore to that point in time I end up with items on screen I dont want, because they were not visible at that time with Hide command, how do I get it to also restore what was hidden and not just what layers were ‘on’, for as such I have to spend ages redoing what I had done, selecting the items I want to see and invert hide all over again.

To have a restore hide/show status tool as well as layer on/off status panel with naming ability, may well also solve the problem of altering visibility in model is nuking the layout command panels contents, when one wished to look at layout plan1 one simply visits hide/show saved name, and restores to saved name plan1.

What can I use in V5 ?

Does such exist in V7 ?


Hello - None in V5 that I know of, V7 has Snapshots


Hi Pascal, thanks.
Thus the only way in V5 or V6 is to save the file and name it as such in windows explorer.

so in V7 one would select camera click OK and name it for restore purposes that way ? Is that so ?


From your recent inquiries I get the impression you’re starting to get interested in Rhino 7. Just for your info the help for R7 is available online at:

It’s the same one you would use if you were working with R7.

Unfortunately for offline users it’s not available for download so the dynamic popup help doesn’t work if your Rhino 7 machine isn’t online. So even though offline users pay full price, they only get part of the software. Isn’t that right @brian ?

thanks for the link,
I have purchased V7, but found it needs win10, and just wonder if the problems I get have even been looked at. I need to get this job finished, and V5 is putting up a fight delaying it, then the backlog as I am many weeks overdue now, then start to form an upgrade plan, I can but wonder if I am still faced with the problems, hope not.

I have always referred to the help tab (part of the floating palette along with properties, layers etc) as part of the layers palette when running a command, both my Rhino screen and the help mini videos and explanations of the options are visible at the same time. CRUCIAL. Are you saying this most helpful feature in V4, then V5 is now gone ? It was one of the impressive things I told others about.
I find even following a tut on a separate window very difficult as I dont have two screens, one with the tut on. minimising and maximising two windows and trying to remember what one has just read is not good. End up printing off the tut having copy pasted it to word to remove all the ads or have it for future use.
My laptop with V5 doesnt go online, deliberately, and was so much quicker without all the stuff that runs to defend us from online nasties. Does that mean it wont have a help floating window to refer to ?


If the computer running Rhino 7 is not connected to the internet then the answer is Yes, ie: you won’t have the floating window. More specifically: the window will be available but if you try to use it it goes into “searching for internet” mode and times out eventually.

I and others have beaten @brian roundly about the head and shoulders since it became obvious this was the new Rhino. He doesn’t seem to think it’s important enough to deserve anyone’s effort in spite of the fact that for Rhino 6 the necessary file to support the feature offline was made available for download and once downloaded it was a simple matter to point the help tab to it. It just wasn’t necessary in his opinion to carry it over to 7.

For obvious reasons online users don’t really care either since they have full access to the online help. I guess the number of online users is so trivial we must be ignored. Is the next step for Rhino 8 to be completely cut off from offline use?

If we have lost that little help prompt in the right of our rhino work area, as far as I was concerned invaluable in knowing what the command did I was using and the options, that is VERY bad, I cant follow it if it means exiting rhino.
An assumption that one will be online when working is also wrong. I can work even when the internet is down, and it does go down.

Did anyone ask for it to be removed and put there ?
…and there I was hoping to move fwd to V7 and all things same or better + new.


Yep, I’ll own that making offline help available hasn’t risen to the top of my priority list. I’m finite, and can’t do everything. When I work on something, I am not working on something for someone else - that’s always true. So, no matter what I work on, someone is disappointed. :man_shrugging:

Darn. If only you were a politician I’d just make a large contribution to your campaign fund and then I’d have the convenient help that all your online constituents enjoy. :pleading_face: