LayerStateCommand but for hiding how is this done?

I wish to reveal hidden items, update one of them then hide them again.
I run LayerStateCommand saving as ‘prior reveal.’
reveal hidden,
make my change.
revert to named state, ‘prior reveal’ but items remain visible.

What command to remember hidden objects and re hide them ?



Hi Steve -

There is no such command. The layer state manager is about layers, not objects.

Please post a Rhino 8 file that lets us reproduce this problem.

its not a problem, simply that an ability to revert to the hidden state of the objects, doesnt have a command to do so.
If I could know what objects were revealed then select them and hide them again, that would do it.

However consider this.
there is an option to right click the hide tool and choose hide as A B or C.
(though it is somewhat easily broken I find)
If some were just ‘hidden’ whilst others were hide as ‘A’ others hide as ‘B’,
to have a ‘HiddenStateManager’ run the command then name the state
’ prior show all 28may2024’

It would rehide them honouring the A B C modes.

There is no easy way otherwise of re selecting the shown items and rehiding them as A B C and just hidden.

so in the absence of a HiddenStateManager, what method is best to reveal hidden objects etc, make a change to one, then rehide them especially if some were hidden with A B and C modes ?

and is HiddenStateManager a command that some clever soul could code ?

does V8 have it ?

I am on V5 whilst trying to find time to do a test file for V5 into V8 as was asked for.


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