What colour in shaded view to make something look like magnolia or cream?

if I select yellow and go to top right corner to get a pale cream magnolia colour, in shaded view my solids with that colour are just a pale grey brown almost same as black.

I wanted an aluminium rod with pale cream rubber items around it.

what colour gives magnolia cream in shaded view ?


Having had no replies to this one in 2 years, I am still none the wiser but needing to do this again.
I am again needing to make a vary pale beige almost white colour and on another object an almost white, a gnats knadger from pure white, I cant get anything other than a dirty grey.

Please how is this done ?

Also can I get a matt surface effect, vary the sheen of objects ?

I see such in other progs and wish to do so as well., or have they spent time fiddling with lights and materials in a different part of the program, theirs are what I would call like our shaded view with PC/artificial colours but with shadows and different reflectances.


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Sorry for not being able to provide specific help
New PBR or rendering element improved and got better.


In shaded view, probably not possible

Setting layer color typically gives the color to the lines, and surfaces get a darker version of that color.

Raytraced for shadows, reflectivity, subsurface:

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J.P. Bae
So in V7 we can get magnolia objects, off whites etc whilst working on them, do I understand correctly ?

thats looks great, is that only possible AFTER finishing the project involving a certain amount of extra work in raytracing ?

I have never got as far as raytracing, never needed to, but work now could well see it prove useful to display the end result, is there a cost involved, what do I need to search on to get started on it ?

Can that be achieved during working in any way ?


You don’t need “ray tracing” per se, it’s just “Rendering” vs the “working views,” which are not meant to represent “reality” at all. If you just hit Render you’ll see that your objects have some sort of default color, and you can change all that…

Hi Jim,
I have a rendered view, (At least it will be free.) I have never dabbled in there before, just shades of grey/silver,.
I need to find a tutorial on how to achieve such as that lovely cream gubbins, any links to such most welcome.


Is your original object a Block instance?
Are you changing the layer color for the layer the object is on?

not a block instance.

All colours come from the layer colours.

Some parts are material yet have the same sheen as the metal parts, to have different sheens and beige, off white etc and even those superb shadows in the beige item would be great.

I need to see how its all done, even to creating a webbing strap type surface on some parts, better to have them looking like the material they are.

Beginners guide to creating realistic views, any link welcome, I do though need to show dimensions and text with it, and in rendered view dims and text vanish.

How does one get the realism and dims/text ?


Start here:

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Hi Steve1

Nathan ‘jesterKing’ Letworynathanletwory

I looked at the color and tried it.
I think color is very subjective.
In Korea, there was a skin-colored crayon pass, so hesitate to express colors.

But PBR coloring in your want Expressed,
your Name asset in rhino food
Even if it’s complicated, I hope it’s fun expressed your color~

It’s difficult, but it’s fun to express colors~^^