Rhino Member Invitations not working


Having an issue where we send an invite out to a member of our organisation, the invite shows in the ‘Invited Members’ list, the setup e-mail arrives in the user’s mailbox as expected, but when the activation link is clicked, it says “we could not find your Rhino account.” Also, there’s not a new member added to the team as one would expect after the invite is sent. It’s as if our team is stuck.

How can I fix this?


Hello - does the person on the receiving end have a Rhino account?


Hi Pascal,

No, because inviting them is the process to create said account… Hope that makes sense?

Still unable to add new members to Rhino team - people are unable to work, can we get some help on this?

Hi -

Please contact tech@mcneel.com directly for questions related to accounts.

We’re not getting anywhere with this. So is my organisation simply unable to add new members to use Rhino now? Perhaps we should look into different products to perform this function for us?

This is completely unacceptable


In order to accept an invitation to join a licensing Team, the user must have their own login account, or their IT department can link Team access to the company/school Domain.
Either way, the account must exist.

At that point, the user can accept the invitation.

The way the tools is setup now, If an invitation is sent to an email address with no login account, the user first must create the account, and then respond to a message verifying the email address. At this point the Login is complete and they can accept the invitation.

Does this make sense?

This makes sense, but this is not how it has been done in the past. I have never needed to prompt my users to go and create their own Rhino account before inviting them to the team.

So are you saying you have changed the process?

No. The process has not changed.
One exception is if they are trying to use an old service release of Rhino as the server side licensing tools have changed a little.

We see a huge number of new users that try a variety of different things, or just generally don’t follow instructions well.

They are hugely frustrating and a major time waster as you well know.

Assuming your students are creating their own logins, PM me their email address and I can see what they have setup so far and hopefully give you the specific steps to ask them to follow… again.