What about Vectorize does not work?

Rhino 6 for Mac.
Big Sur (11.3.1) on MacBook Pro
After I install Vectorize as stated and try to use a JPG file i get this message :

Image size in pixels: 640 x 480
Image size in inches: 8.889 x 6.667
Image size in millimeters: 225.778 x 169.333
The image has an incompatible pixel format. Please select an image with 24 or 32 bits per pixel, or 8 bit indexed.
If somebody can help
What to do?

Hi @Denys_Michaud,

Basically, the message means the image file you selected doesn’t have enough colors for the tracing algorithm. To fix, open the file in some image editor, increase the color depth, save it, and try again.

– Dale

It works, really.
Thanks a lot, Dale
Merci beaucoup !