Weird X-Ray problem

Hi everyone,

I have a weird display problem that I can’t figure out. Some curves show up behind surfaces in Shaded Display Mode, just like when I activate “X-Ray all wires” (see image and .3dm file).

These are specific curve objects that I’ve created a while ago with GH in another file, then copied them over to this one. If I move or duplicate them, all of the old and new instances inherit this strange behaviour.

Other curves, newly created or imported from other sources, are not afflicted.

I have a bunch of these curves, and I can’t recreate them at the moment, so it has to be solved in this file, with these objects…

Thank you in advance

x-ray-problem.3dm (33.0 KB)

Hello - the curves have ‘draw order’ (BringToFront, BringForward etc) applied. Use ClearDrawOrder to remove this.


Thanks Pascal, I didn’t think of that!