Weird Graphical Error

I’ve got a weird graphical error with a pair of curves. In shaded view they are visible regardless of the angle that you are viewing them and what is infront. Rebuilding doesn’t fix the problem either.
I’ve got plenty of other curves/polycurves in the model that work just fine but these can’t seem to be fixed.
I copied them to a simple model which I’ve attached.
This screen capture shows my problem. both curves are inside the box and shouldn’t be visible.

Curve Graphical Error.3dm (796.2 KB)

I hope this is enough info to help figure it out.

Hello - looks ok here so far, but try ClearDrawOrder on these and see if that looks better.


I was seeing the same thing with your model until I ran ClearDrawOrder then visibility worked as expected.

That was the trick! thanks CleanDrawOrder fixed it.