Display issues with lines and solid surfaces


This is my first post. I have been having issues with only particular lines showing up that are behind solid surfaces. I have done the standard steps of checking my display settings making sure I do not have any x-ray settings on ect. and I still can not seem to fix the issue. It seems to be a particular set of lines which makes this issue confusing. It also seems like the lines I am having issues with might be those of plans I have copied from one file to another but I have done this several times and that has never been an issue. Could it have to do something with the ordering of layers? Or a setting of a particular layer?

Thank you! for your help. I have attached a screen shot. On the left had side you can see I am having no issues with one set of lines. On the other side (red box right) there lies the issue.

Hi Philip - try ClearDrawOrder on these lines. Any better?


Amazing… Thank you for saving me a days of headaches here in the office. This has been bugging me for the last three days and I finally got sick of it enough to post.

Thanks again!