Weird result from "Map to Surface"

I want to map the plane curve in the plane to a surface, but the result is wrong, any solution?


GH is attached: map to (52.5 KB)

UV space has to be identical, otherwise you get a mess like above.

If you don’t understand, experiment with mapping between untrimmed surfaces.

I unrolled your curved surface again and used the boundary to create a new flat surface and then shrunk both surfaces (ShrinkTrimmedSrf)

map to (25.4 KB)

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You should try making the target surface an untrimmed surface (use edge curves to generate a new surface).

I recreated your surface to have an untrimmed one and then used the remap:

map to (57.8 KB)

The problem was that the target surface (when untrimmed) is quite different when compared to the surface you want to remap to:

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