The question about "Map to Surface"

Hello everyone, I am currently trying to flatten a surface and then shrink the edge curve, and import it back to the original surface, but the result is not ideal. The error between the two curves is very large. Is there a way to solve this problem?

The question about Map to (353.4 KB)

Have you tried the Offset On Srf component?

A long way maybe help you
The question about Map to (183.5 KB)

I checked the file, I forgot to put in the surface, and uploaded it again.The question about Map to (429.1 KB)

Hi Seghier khaled

I checked your reply and I think you have been misled by me, sorry.
I mainly want to flatten the surface, draw a line and paste it back on the surface, and make the two match as closely as possible.

What you want is not clear

The RhinoCommand "Create/Apply UV"curves should be able to do what you want(?), so you might check if there is a way to make it work in GH.

It is In Rhinocommon but that will flatten a surface as it’s UV map (rectangular with trims). Would this not cause deviation back to the 3D as well since it is a UV to actual geometry mapping?

Awesome Thanks for your suggestions, the problem has been solved.The question about Map to Surface(end).gh (86.8 KB)

Why all this if you can simply use offset on surface ?

This is just a test.I actually want to draw other lines.
If this test works, I can apply another line. :grinning:

If you want add pattern or text, it’s better to test with what you need.
Sometimes a solution don’t work with different cases