Map to surface not working as expected

I’m attempting to unroll a ruled surface using FabTools Unroll component, create some curves on the surface and then remap them to the original surface using map to surface. When the target surface is generally flat, I have no issue with this workflow. I may be wrong, but because the surface I’m trying to map to has a seam/shared edge I think I’m running into issues with the curves remapping in erratic ways (going through rather than along the surface.)

Here’s my GH script:

Has anyone had this same issue or know of an alternative workflow?

If you expect people to recreate your GH code from a screen shot (don’t hold your breath!), the least you could do is provide a readable image. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:frowning: sorry! (140.7 KB)

It takes a really long time to open. However the issue has nothing to do with a seam. Seams would correspond to the flat surfaces edges, but your curves are not on the edges. Map to surface maps the control points of the curve. Try first running your curves through the fit curve component. The reason circles look like that when mapped is because they are degree 2 curves with very little control points so when deformed they segment and make kinks. Fit curve component will fix that.

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worked like a charm! Thanks Michael.