Weird Hatch Shape

I am having a problem with Hatch and also ExtrudeSrf.

Below are two shapes created by Rectangle and Polyline (I also check the project to make sure they are on the same plane), and when I try to hatch them, they become…

and I think the same reason leads to broken surfaces when I use ExtrudeSrf. But if I use ExtrudeCrv, surfaces are fine.

Thanks for helping or any advice.

Are the objects by any chance far from the world origin? I see the grid with the CPlane 0 in the image, but might that be a custom CPlane? Otherwise, can you post the file?


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Sorry I am new to Rhino, would you mind showing me how to move the object to the world origin or set the origin?
And yes, CPlane is a custom one. I loaded a CAD file into Rhino and the CPlane disappeared so I reset it.
Thank you!

OK, first it’s probably easiest to reset the Top viewport CPlane first. Right click on the little “Top” label in the upper left corner, pull the dropdown to Set CPlane > World Top. You will see the grid in your image disappear. Then select your objects (or Ctrl+A for all objects), call the command Move, pick a spot on the object you want to be at world 0 and then type “w0”. The objects should move from the point you picked to World 0. Then do a Zoom All Extents and see if it looks better. You should then try re-doing the hatch.

You can also reset the Views/CPlanes in all viewports back to default by running the command 4View twice (Windows Rhino only maneuver).

–HTH, --Mitch

Yeah, everything is fine now.
Thank you soooooooo much and wish you a nice day~