Hatch Display Issue in V7

Some of the hatches are not displaying correctly. They have the right border and sometimes become correct when moved.

Hatch Display Issue.3dm (222.6 KB)

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Hi Jack -
Your objects are 2 750 km from the world origin.
Moving these closer to the origin will solve this issue.

Hi @Wim,

out of curiosity, what is the officially suggested workflow for geolocated files with coordinates in the range of multiple thousands, sometimes millions of meters? Moving geometry closer to origin fixes some glitches but breaks geolocation.

Should we be working with named CPlanes with origins closer to the geometry, or is there a better approach?

I have a weird solution to it but it serves me well (for most of the cases).
When I start working on a geolocated project I move everything by a vector from bottom left corner of a drawing to World origin.
I store this vector (line) in a separate locked layer or as a simple GH script.
When the work is done I move everything back by the same vector, different direction.
You can share this translation vector between files to make sure they move the same distance.

This looks like a display bug that we can fix.

Thanks, @Piotr. We are using a similar approach in the office. This works as long as all drawings are made in Rhino, but as soon as there is another party involved - or we need to use another piece of software - the constant moving of geometry becomes cumbersome.

To provide more background info: imagine you’re working with a subcontractor designing a road in Civil3d. Preferably, we’d reference their DWGs into our Rhino file as part of a Worksession. This only works if the origin is the same. Otherwise, we’d need to first create a copy of their file, move their geometry, and only then import it.

This doesn’t scale well considering some landscape project can involve multiple parties and weekly updates.

Strangely, only some hatches have display issue.

These hatches were created from closed boundary curves. When the same closed curves were added both nearer to the world origin and further away, those nearer to the world origin remain closed, while those further away become open. Similarly, when the hatches are created nearer to the world origin, they all display fine. At further away, when the hatches are moved slightly around the vicinity, the display issue also goes away.

Does anyone know if there is a work around that does not involve moving the geometries somewhere else? Might there be a reason that the display issue only affects some but not all hatches?

Let me know if the bug can be fixed from your end. It will be really helpful. Thanks!