Changing "Hatch" into "Surface"

Hey there I tried alot but i did not succed.

Is there any possibility to transfer a lot of hatches into surfaces in order to extrude them?
Otherwise i have to join all the outer curves an fill the areas in between which turns out to
take a lot of time! And there is a lot to do… .:wink:

Would be perfect if someone could give me a hint.



Select all the hatches and call _DupBorder. Then, with the borders still selected, call _PlanarSrf. you can then use _ExtrudeSrf to extrude the surfaces.

HTH. --Mitch


Change hatches to solid, then explode. It’s faster method, I guess. Everything in one go.

Thanks alot,
How can i change them to solids? Nothing worked.
The other option “Helvetosaur” mentiond worked quite well for me


SOLID hatches, I meant, so whatever type, scale and angle of the hatch you have you can change it to solid hatch with a single click at properties panel. Exploding changes them into surfaces.

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Why would it be faster?

Dunno, maybe it’s just an impression. Not gonna argue here. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mitch! You can _ExtrudeSurf Solid to have one step less.