Weird duplicating block inside of block editor

This actually happens a lot and I’m completely clueless as to why/how.

I will be editing my block. I’ll hide, unhide things. Next thing I know I have a duplicate of the same block instance inside of my block. What I thought worked was to click on another block inside of the editor tree… and then back into the parent block. No, that is not working. I can never tell what to keep or what is really there or not. Most of the time (I think) I end up copying and deleting the strange duplicate block and closing. Once I close, the block completely disappears and UNDO will not rescue it. For the most part, I am normally lucky because I usually end up copying my block to edit it (mostly because this happens so much OR because I need to orient to whatever I need) — So when it does make this weird duplicate and I close… and it disappears – i have my other block still surviving… WITH the updated changes… go figure. Not sure what this is all about.

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Could you please read this description to someone near you. Who has never worked with your file and then ask him/her if s/he has understood the problem?

No pictures, no rhino opened, no file attached, just the same as here. Unclear description.


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Does this happen in Rhino 5 or 6? Do you have objects inside the block in different layers?

hey, I am having the same issues did you ever for this?

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Ha sorry Ivelin, I realize this is really difficult to understand. Also difficult to explain.

I cannot remember what resolved it but try moving the block to 0,0,0 - see if you have any luck

I CAN TOTALLY UNDERSTAND FOR I AM SUFFERING FROM THE SAME ISSUE IN MY RHINO 6. I am used to isolate/show objects while I modeling, but this afternoon after I did isolate in the block some times, I found wired duplicate objects in the block so I “seldup” and delete those objects. But when I click OK after finishing editing the block, I lost many objects, seems like those duplicate objects that I deleted. and UNDO DOES NO HELP! Please check the BLOCK commend, cause there are so many bugs in it !

Are you on rhino 6? because they have fixed this in 7 when you close out of the block edit you have more options…