Block Instances


I am experiencing a reoccurring problem when using rhino 7.1.2. When I copy or delete anything inside a block instance the whole block disappears from the model. The only way for me to recover the block is to quit without saving and returning to my last version. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?



Hi Fin -

A quick test turning a box into a block and then, in block edit mode, copying that box a few times seems to work without problems. Can you post a file and perhaps some more details about the steps to perform?

Grain Silos_01.3dm (7.0 MB)

Both blocks are built as polysurfaces using simple pipes/sweeps/extrusions/revolve etc

Hi -
I double-clicked one of silos to enter block edit mode and then deleted one of the ribs on the roof.
I then exited block edit mode by clicking the Apply button and then closing the Block Edit dialog box. I didn’t encounter any issues. Are you doing something differently?

No, I am doing the same thing. I have updated to the latest version of Rhino and although the problem is now less consistent it does still occur. I click the apply button as shown in the image below. I have also restarted my computer and the problem is still persisting. I am using Rhino on a Mac