Weird behavior of sliders in Texture Mapping

I think working with materials and texture mapping already has to be one of the most painful things to do in Rhino. In the Rhino 8 WIP it somehow is now even more difficult, because of the weird behavior of the sliders for UVW here:

If you want negative Offset you have to drag the slider to the left and then there is some room to move it in negative, but as soon as you drag it back towards the right, now the slider only goes to 0.

Shouldn’t the Offset slider simply go from -1 to 1 and have 0 in the middle? Also rotation surely can go positive or negative. So why not have the slider set to set and not use this weird automatic behavior. Usually when trying to add some “smartness” to UI elements, you usually end up making them worse, since you are building them only for your mental model.