Weighted Voronoi Chart?

Noticed this in today’s New York Times. It looks like a weighted voronoi chart, the first one I’ve ever seen, where the weights are electoral votes for each state in the November faceoff. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Electoral College in the US, consider yourselves lucky.


2020-09-01 20_13_33-Window
Does this make any sense, on US political viewpoint? :rofl:

The code in that page is really sweet! Nice found!

Politically, it makes no sense, thank goodness;.it will never happen. Maybe in an alternate universe.



Result :rofl:

Do you know how to write something like this? or at least do you know how to write a weighed voneroi? I have been trying it (with minimal knowledge of grasshopper btw) but cant get a result.

Use Circle Packing with circles having area equal to the parameter you need.

nice! this is quite informative, but i’m looking for a little bit more formal use.
In my case it’s about plot division.

How to add more weight to the single added point.gh (6.9 KB)

I tried to reform a Galapagos model but without effect.

The result i would like is quite simple. Every house, red line, has a equal area plot or close to equal. And an area of 600m² is to be reserved for parking.
i can draw this by hand but would like to be able to change to placement of the buildings(which have to stay in a row of four.

I added my primitive script. I tried to use boundary’s in the radii but that did not work as planned. also i’m not even sure that a vonoroi is the way to go but it sounded the most logical.

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