Voronoi 2D art Using Grasshopper!

This is one of my exercises based on producing a process to achieve the reaction of points to the amount of brightness and darkness in the image, then using Voronoi in order to create the whole pattern ! Hope you like it.


This looks great,
Are you changing the scale of the inner voronoi cells according to the image brightness?

Exactly my friend !

Looks awesome! Would you be willing to post the file? Curious how the process works.

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This is Patric Rozario. Amazing work. Have you tried to take this to a CNC machine and have it created on metal?

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I’m imagining it laser etched as well…

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WOW!! Super!

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Excellent idea !
It is reminiscent of egg shell mosaics…


Voronoi.gh (66.5 KB)


I always think about taking these, and many of the “Line Art” patterns and applying them to a surface using my CNC machine. I think they would work really well on the aluminium cladding materials that are aluminium sheet stuck onto a plastic backing. You can have a high contrast between the aluminium and the backing material so when you machine through the aluminium into the plastic, you get the same effect as the images posted here.

When you machine into a homogenous material there is less contrast and the result never works as well as one would hope.


These are beautiful examples that remind me of patent drawing related scenarios :star_struck: :beers::

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