Equal plot division


I have a 3100m² plot that i want to equally divide in a way much like the one i tried with a voneroi.

The red lines are the footprints of houses and should stay in rows of 4 houses. the 600m² is reserved space for parking. The basic point of scripting this is because the client wants to be able to freely move the footprints inside the boundary.

At this point i tried Galapagos and Vonoroi. But both don’t seem to give the desired result of equal or almost equal areas. For the vonoroi a weighed vonoroi could work but this is too advanced for me, nothing more than a novice so can’t really figure that out.

Can anyone help me?

Equal plot areas for row houses_600m2parking.gh (8.9 KB)

You didn’t internalize your curves. And you are still using Voronoi but most of the components are disconnected, doing nothing. There is no point in posting a useless file like this one.


Also, I see a shape with an area of 626.37m² but not 600m²? Is that shape arbitrary?

That is very useless indeed.

as for the vonoroi, that is the last thing i tried and it gave a result that came close to what i would like to achieve, not really close but just visually ok.
the sliders i took out as they were just clutter. I will think about both the next time i post an item.

i could not get areas to be the m² i wanted. the shape is arbitrary the m² not so.

Here a cleaned up and internalised version of the one I added before.
Equal plot areas for row houses_600m2parking_clean ish _internalised.gh (7.6 KB)

This is really a fuzzy spec.

  • Your perimeter curve has an area of 3134m².
  • You want to arrange three rectangles of 204m² each (4 X 51) arbitrarily so they don’t collide with each other. There is likely a minimum distance from the perimeter that is not mentioned?
  • There must be a fourth area for parking of at least 600m².
  • There must be an entrance road somewhere?

The formula in your image says “3134m² / 12 - 600m² = a”. Useless!
In fact, it’s more like “(3100m² - 600m²) / 12 = a” which is also useless.

I see no parametric solution to this fuzzy spec. Just do it by hand, old school.

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Ok, thank you for looking into it, ill be a bit strong headed and try a couple of things. also thank you for asking a couple of questions that helps me make my question a bit more clear! maybe ill ask it again later when i can answer these with more precision.

See theses links

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Thank you laurent, i think there is a solution in this thread!

Don’t count on it! Get real, look at the land:

  • is it sloped?
  • which way is south?
  • where is that driveway?

There is much more to architecture than parametric divisions of space.