Laser cut portrait

Here some pictures of a laser cut portrait 585 mm diameter.
It was done by me and laser cutted by Sculpteo France on 4 mm thick Okoumé.

The process is

  1. Find a good contrasted image
  2. Transform it to grey image
  3. Invert it
  4. Apply the magic circle packing components from Kangaroo, here with 8000 circles with circles from 1.3 to 4.4 mm) Image-based Circle Packing within a polygonal limit
    5a) Make some Voronoi
    6a) Offset the Voronoi Cell (I used StudioAvw Offset Polyline,here offset of 2 mm as Sculpteo recommend that distance betweens cuts is more or equal than the thickness of the sheet
    5b) You can also offset or scale the circles
  5. Bake to Rhinoceros
  6. Export to SVG (is used my own SVG exporter with Rhino 5)
  7. Get a quotation
  8. they will say that polygons are too fin so there will be burns
  9. Receive it, burns traces were all other the wood but a sanding with an orbital sander and fine grain remove them.

Happy laser cutting
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beautiful as usual Laurent… Okoumé is unfortunately red listed…

Argh I didn’t choose poplar not strong nor Baltic Birch or Marple which are long delay as made in USA

  • contreplaqué peuplier (fabriqué dans notre usine en France) => Poplar/Cottonwood
  • contreplaqué okoumé (fabriqué dans notre usine en France) => Okoumé
  • contreplaqué Bois de Ceiba (fabriqué dans notre usine en France) => Ceiba
  • contreplaqué érable (fabriqué dans notre usine aux Etats-Unis) => Maple
  • contreplaqué bouleau baltique (fabriqué dans notre usine aux Etats-Unis) => Birch

if you use acrylic glas you dont have to worry about the wrong wood, it also looks nice AND you dont have any issues with burned spots, but ok it is not wood.

you could try Paulownia it does not warp is pretty strong for its weight and almost as light as balsa and grown nearly everywhere, a beautiful tree also.

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Any tips for getting Paulownia in the UK?
It’s used as a core material for snowboards and kiteboards but I found it quite hard to get hold of.

depends on the quantity i think. you want to make a large scale production of snowboards? or what are you planning? in any case this wood likes to grow preferably in a bit warmer climates, so any supply possibly available in the UK might have been imported, they grow in the uk of course, still harvesting for wood production is probably not ideal there, but i am not a specialist. maybe check out some local boat builders, surfboard makers etc? here one address i could make out quickly skimming the web which seems to deliver at request which grows in Europe.

Thanks for the link.
I want to make kiteboards one day but only small quantities.

hello dear laurent,
i cant reach to your final work or final letolab work with this file , can you help me to solve it?
Voronoi MY Model (2.2 MB)

there are many not so good things. The first thing is that you have to use the link in point 4

So use ImageCircles from Kangaroo, Import Image from Grasshopper …
After that achieved it will be a piece of cake :cake: !!

I posted the photo as you said, but Solver is having problems and is not working properly. I don’t know where the problem is?

Hello, no electricity at the moment so no PC. But are you using an example provided somewhere that worked ? Because here I can see that the populate is surely not the same size as the image . Can you post the file and the image ? There could be someone that could help.

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Is not ““easier”” post the definittion ???..