Weaving & List item

Hi guys,

I’m trying to have a quad tessellation for this surface, however it does not weave the last portion (you can see in GREEN color). It seams it does not weave the last ,member in the SERIES. Can someone do me a favor and help me out? Attached here the files. Thank you.

FoldedPlateStructure-q1.gh (49.2 KB)
q1.3dm (161.4 KB)

ok, so your file is a bit … confusing.

So I guess the wave you mean, is the last one before the yellow Group. It misses the last curve.

The blue Group, does nearly nothing. it labes your Points, it culls weave culls weave and in the end you miss the last curve.

By ignoring the blue Group and make the polylines from the evaluate curve component, you skip much work, get the same tree structure after all the waving and you ahve your lines.

That’s hopefully what your after.

FoldedPlateStructure-q1_re.gh (44.8 KB)