Weave Panel Skin with Weaverbird


I am attempting to create a woven skin that will wrap around a tubular structure that I have created with the new multi-pipe tool in Rhino 7. I started by following this tutorial on youtube to use weaverbird to divide the surface into triangles and then weave through them. I successfully replicated the tutorial but when I began applying it to my own geometry it started making this popcorn ball-like thing. Hardly the weave I am looking for.

I tested the weave on a flat surface and noticed it is not replicating across the whole surface anymore and I am wondering if one of the nodes I used is corrupted now?

Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve.

Am I approaching this the right way or should I be using a completely different method? I am still very new to grasshopper and scripting and would love any input y’all have on my project.
Mesh Weave Pattern.gh (29.9 KB) Hub Main Structure.3dm (13.0 MB)

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