Weavebird's Mesh from lines component fail to work

Hi everyone,
I am a beginner with grasshopper and I am currently working on a geodesic definition, referring to this tutorial:

Here is where the definition starts to fail:

I kind of think that is a compatibility problem of the plug-in but I do not know how to verify whether that is true or not.

Any help is more than welcome.

Very hard to help without a definition. Weaveback should be used as a last resort, I’m surprised it’s in this tutorial tbh.

Can you zoom closer, and hover with the mouse on the baloon that shows the error, so that you know what the error says?



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

IF it works it’s fine to use it. In general, for organized structures it works and when it works it’s not really different than a thought-out solution. Of course, if the goal is to organize faces with some logic, then maybe some other method would be better.

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Hi Giulio,

Here’s the error:

And I am also attaching the .gh definition files:

Geodesic Sphere .gh (29.5 KB) GeoSphere.3dm (6.8 MB)

If I bake the lines that you feed the component, it shows 480 repetitions of the same curve.

There should be 320 lines out of the polyline component with 480 elements out of the “Remove Duplicate lines” definition. How can you say that is 480 repetitions of the same curve?

Sorted! The Cull duplicates component was set on “Average” rather than “Leave One”.
Still have to get familiar with a lot of settings…

Thanks for helping out.

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