Wavy pattern

Hello everyone ! How can this pattern be recreated in grasshopper (see the attachment ) ? Need some advice

Паттерн градиент.pdf (524.0 KB)

that’s a quite interesting pattern, seems simple but it is not. There are 3 parts

  1. The circle radius is following a gradient in X direction
  2. The connecting “line” between dots is 0 at left and maximum at right and quite random in the middle
  3. Connecting the circle it is not clear if it is an arc or 2 arcs and a line.

Here a little script.
First generate the grid, here with square but whatever.

The suppress some of the line depending on a value depending on X, the graph mapper helps you here.

Search for random variant for other way of doing

Place circles on the plane. I choose an equation for the radius of circle, but I must have used a Graph Mapper but it is more complex for the following stages because I will have to work with DataTree.

The more difficult part is to connect the circles.
I choose to connect them with arcs depending on a normalized value.

circle offset.gh (28.1 KB)

And I had some difficulties but this one could be useful also


that was super fast! its impressing how fast you managed to write the script ! Thanks a lot!

Look also at the last link it could be useful also. And dont forget to mark the answer as a solution.

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