Some help to create this type of gradient pattern?

Hi, I just started using Grasshopper a few days ago trying to figure out how to create these perforations. Only thing I achieved until now is this type of gradient but I just don’t seem to find how to make it go from side to side and get the larger perforations in the middle of the pattern. I tried using Curve Closest Point but it creates a weird pattern every time i put the line in the middle thinking it will attract the large circles. Would appreciate some help!

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi, I think you had the right ideas,

here is one simple way of doing it: (20.0 KB)


This is my idea. (20.5 KB)



Man wtf. I asked for a little help and people in here are practically solving it. This forum is too nice T-T. thanks a lot!! I was really frustrated after 1 and a half days of just doing grasshopper research and even left some assigments for later just so I could try to understand it. Thanks again!!!