Wavey Unrolled Surface

Hi All,

I am trying to make a curved balustrade for a staircase although when I try to make it using unroll I get a wavey effect. The wave is on the unrolled surface but not on the 3d one. This wave is also transferring to anything I flow on the surface. I have attached some images below.

Thanks in advance.

Hello - please post a file with that surface - my guess of the moment is that tightening the file tolerance by 10X may clean up the unroll.


Hi Pascal,

Please use this link to download the file.

Thank you.

Hello - there are two problems - one is tolerance:

Please see https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/faqtolerances

Fixing that is a great idea but does not help with the unroll - cleaner more precise modeling will, however.

UnrollCleanly.3dm (110.6 KB)


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I don’t see anything wrong with the current unit settings.

Could you resave the rhino file as version 6 please?

Hi -

You can find a conversion tool here: