Flow along surface issue

Pisto forum model.3dm (648.1 KB)
I posted this yesterday and I still can’t figure out what I’m not doing right. The unrolled surface has already been edited and I can’t seem to get it to go back into position. Any guesses?

I’m looking at your file. I can’t tell what you are trying to do.
I know it’s obvious to you but not to anyone else.
Please fully describe what you’re trying to do here.

Just in case I guessed right about what you want to do - see the attached…

Pisto forum model_PG.3dm (454.5 KB)


I’m sorry. I have issues when it comes to explaining myself(left-handed to boot). The developed surface looks good until it is unrolled. I want to be able to unroll a surface and clean it up like the flattened one in this file is. Then I would like to put the edited profile back in its twisty turny orientation. Further work on this piece will be applying ribbons along the entire length. All of this will be cut from 3/16 inch steel and fully welded up, so it would save a lot of headache if I can find the right approach to this in rhino as opposed to fighting all that steel. I hope that explains it better. Very grateful for the help.

Hi Nathan - sorry - still not getting it - what is wrong with the results from UnrollSrf? What do you want to tune up? If you want to make the thing as it is in the 3d shape friom flat steel, assuming UnrollSrf is doing it right, you’ll need that flat shape, whatever it is…