Unrolling undulating surface

I’m trying to unroll an undulating surface, and the “unroll surface” command only prompts the error message “unrolling doubly curved surfaces wll produce inaccurate results.” What else can I do? I’m absolutely a beginner with Rhino, so please explain in as simple terms as possible.

try the _Squish command.

it’s hard to say what’s going to happen without seeing an example of the surface you’re trying to flatten but it might work for you.

more info:

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response!

Attached aree an image file, and my 3dm file, if that helps.


curving.3dm (45.9 KB)


Update: The “Squish” command seems to work, but I don’t know how accurate it is…

it’s a tough one because accuracy depends on the material being used and how the surface is split up (if at all)… squishing rubber is different than steel.

idk, i use the command with 1/4" birch plywood and it gets things pretty darn close… a lot closer than any other method i used prior to using rhino.

If you haven’t already, please read the section in the Rhino help file under Unroll surf “Why some surfaces do not unroll.” It is a great intro to this topic and will get you heading in the right direction towards understanding this stuff more fully.
In general the Rhino help file is very well done. A couple of hours reading through that will save days of frustration.
I wish you luck and perseverance.