Fast, accurate, memory efficient tesselation, something for Rhino?

Hi guys, take a look at this:

I wonder if this could be something for Rhino’s PBR materials, or even SubD meshing?


Uh, WOW. This tech looks great though I wish he did not choose the mite looking creature in the video…gives me the creeps! Definetly something for McNeel to look into. Interestingly I did a 720x720, 650 frame video of the attached. I did two videos in fact; one in V7 using cycles and one in V5 using Flamingo. The V5 video used more energy as my cpu hovered in the mid 50’s but was hours faster with clearer geometry than the cycles render. I do have ancient cpu and gpu in my equally ancient box, but still…

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Nice! Have you installed the intel denoiser in v7 and tried with that?