Warp Modifier using Grasshopper?

Hello everyone.

I have a nice old STL mesh of a foot brace i built for one of my patients.
Now I have another patient that is from volume almost identical.

So I was thinking… Could I bring in the STL mesh scan of the new leg… also import the STL mesh of the old brace design and somehow… put set points on my brace, and use grasshopper to warm the brace towards the new leg ?
I spotted before I think here, someone had a great grasshopper setup to push and pull meshes gently creating a soft push ( gentle hill ) and not sharp punches into the mesh.

Here is a screen shot to better understand my idea…
It would be cool if I could push easily the mesh from all sides towards the new foot stl… kinda like shrink-wrapping but with a solid mesh… not just a surface…

Any ideas ?
Would love to rescue my old brace work.

Thank you.
Ian :slight_smile:

is there any grasshopper plugins… for smoothly pushing meshes in set directions ?


Hi @ian.spring

One option is the Spatial Deform component:

Using a falloff such as x^-2 or x^-3 will give smooth transitions

Another option is the MeshCageMorph component:

The mescagemorph component seems perfect for this, maybe the Rhino cageedit command is also good enough.
If you are willing to share the file, I can have a look at it.

Hi Erik. Can you send me your email and ill email you the files. Thanks for your help.

i tried using the rhino… cage edit option… its ok… but id love to find a nice grasshopper solution to really fit up my mesh as close as it can to my red foot…