Like cage edit

Is there a tool in grasshopper (or gh-plugin) that works like cage edit in rhino? Please help. Thank you!

Why you need cage edit ? there are some components to morph objects

It works differently to the cage edit in Rhino (you don’t have to define internal points), but the Morpher component I posted here let’s you use any closed mesh as a cage to deform objects:

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look at the point deform components and the spatial deform components.

Here I use nvrtices of BoundingBox as points for transformation, but any set of points can be used… (25.4 KB)

Hello. I tried out Redovan Grmusa script. Its really nice but is really slow trying to use a mesh. I reduced the mesh down by 90 percent and still … the script had big problems…

but thank you !!

how can I add these xyz slider per each of the 8 control points? and can I add more then 8? like 16 or more pints in between?