Wanting more user interface options? From vbscript to where?

My vbscripting is pretty sound, but I have a need for some better user interface options - a dialogue that can combine multilist, check boxes, radio boxes, text input - all in one dialogue. And choose OK to pass all of the selected details back to vbscript.

Can I access this from vbscript, or do I need to rebuild my program’s from scratch in .net?

If someone can pass on the ‘where to from here’ options that would great!



You can’t do to much in Vbscript, the only solution it’s to use an htmlbox, but it’s not Vbscript any more.
Otherwise better to use python that allow you to access to the full interface of Windows.

If you’re coming from vbscript, it is IMHO much easier to go to VB.Net, which gives you Winforms and WPF for total UI control.

Thanks! I’ve just downloaded Visual Studio, but now not sure if what I create will be supported in Rhino6?



As long as you have a reference to RhinoCommon.dll you should be fine.