Rhino Python


Python is new to me and I am curios if an user interface like VB Net Forms can be created with multiple input options.

I cannot find many examples of GUID made with Python any help appreciated.


Check this out:

It’s how a lot of people start making UIs with python, and it’s based on windows forms. Since Python is actually IronPython in rhino, you have access to the whole .NET API in windows, so if you’re familiar with forms already, it’s a breeze

I guess the thing to be looking at for the future (cross platform) is ETO

Thanks Bert

This is just what I needed.



Now you are confusing me as I now have two options.


Eto is just going to let the GUI run in OSX as well as Windows, for free. With Winforms you’d have to port the code over manually. I’d still recommend the first solution if you’re not entirely comfortable with .NET programming, as it’s a nice abstraction to python and covers up some of the nitty gritty details. Meier UI is going to get you going designing useful interfaces faster (IMO), ETO is going to make things more future-proof and give you cross-platform compatibility, you need to decide what’s more important for you.

Thank you both,

The information has been invaluable, I will read through both options and see what I can get my head around, before your answers I didn’t know about either option so I shall take it slow and make a choice, whichever route I go down I am sure will give me more flexibility than Rhinoscript which I have used for the last 13 years and feel I just need to develop a bit further.

Kind regards