User interface in OSX


I’m not sure if this should go to Mac Rhino or Scripting, but…

Obviously in the move from VB to Python and into OSX user interface dialog box stuff is going to be the hardest, as it is os specific. This list of UI methods that don’t work on Mac are pretty long but you can work around them with a series of GetStrings and MessageBox calls but its pretty clunky.

However, the standard install of IronPython comes with a bunch of built-in user interface modules such as tkinter and EasyDialogs (for example) that allow pretty extensive UI coding. These seem to have been stripped out of the Mac Rhino IronPython install that I have installed. (They are there in OSX’s native Python install, which lives somewhere else.)

Is this right? Would it be possible or sensible to add those modules in to my install? How would I do that? Or is there a good reason not to use them?

Obviously I would prefer a more ‘native’ Rhino UI, like the tool options that come up when you type _Box but I can’t see that being a short term priority for a busy development team :smile:


Those modules are part of CPython and are not compatible with IronPython. We will eventually get native user interface pieces working in the Rhino.Python for OSX, but we aren’t quite there yet.

thanks for that. I figured it was something like that.
I’ll just have to be patient :wink: