Rhino Python or VB Script?

Dear Rhino community,

We plan to invest in writing software in Rhino.
At the top level, We would do this in C# in the .net environment.

Large parts of the software however are just a sequel of steps and we believe that it could be less work to write it in a script format. (or are we mistaking?)

Up till now, we only have experience in VbScripting. What are potential the advantages of Python next to VbScripting in Rhino?

Would it be beneficial to invest in python for the scripting part?

Looking forward to your answer

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With Python, in addition to the Rhinoscript style methods, you have access to RhinoCommon, which is a more extensive and lower level library of Rhino functions. In addition, Python itself is a much more extensive and flexible programming language than VbScript.


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Yes! thumb up for Python!
The change from VBS to Python it’s painless, very very smooth.
Python allow you to develop using more advanced technique, give you access to the RhinoCommon, C# code, Win GUI… and it’s MAC friendly !


If you are writing any new scripting project, I would recommend using python. This will also allow your scripts to directly communicate with your C# code.

+1 Python. VB/VBS are inferior languages and will go the way of the dinosaur IMHO