Rhino script

what is rhino scripting and what is it used for??
and where do people learn it?


Rhinoscript is an implentation of vbScript for Rhino. Use it to program your own routines and algorithms to accomplish signficant time savings for repetitive tasks.


Many people nowadays like Python scripting instead.

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What’s the distinguishable difference between Rhinoscript and Python? They all have access to the same commands/API, don’t they?

Even with the help from the primers, it’s still a little ambiguous for me (VisualBasic Vs Python, but can’t see what the pros of cons are for each).

No they don’t… While Python-rhinoscriptsyntax emulates vb Rhinoscript functions, with Python you can also access RhinoCommon, which is a level deeper and much more powerful.

It’s not Visual Basic vs. Python, it’s vbscript vs Python. Vbscript is pretty limited. Python is a full programming language that is much more powerful and allows you to do a lot of things vbscript does not.

And of course the ultimate argument is that python scripts run in Mac Rhino, Rhinoscripts don’t.

I could also add that vbscript is a little more “verbose”; python is somewhat more compact and abstract.

For example an conditional statement looks like this in vbscript:

	If Not IsNull(your_variable) Then
		#do something
	End If

Whereas Python looks like this:

if your_variable: #do something
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Whoops… I always instinctivey make that association. vb in vbscript stands for something else?

No, it’s just a simplified subset of Visual Basic designed for scripting applications.

I agree with everything @Helvetosaur has said on this. I have no gripe with VBScript - plenty of people are very happy with it, though I have personally had much more success learning Python than VBScript / VBA - I would add the following quote in encouraging you to consider python:

Python is a modern programming language . Python is sometimes called a scripting language or a glue language. This means python is used often to run a series of commands as a script or used to create links between two other technologies as a glue. It is easier to learn and use than other non-scripting style, compiled languages like C#, VB, or C/C++. Yet it is quite powerful.


Learn both. Once you’ve figured out one the other isn’t a great leap to learn. The RhinoScript 101 and Rhino.Python 101 documents are excellent resources to learn and compare each.

A positive of learning vbscript/rhinoscript is that vba in MS Office applications is the same/similar language. Creating subs and functions in Excel is very powerful.

vbscript is a little more “traditional” because you have to control a few more things, like in @Helvetosaur s example. Python lets you do the same things but simplifies the language for common tasks.

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