[WANTED] Improvement to Move / Rotate / Scale - Everyone is in need of this feature!

Hi there,
i´m in need for a big improvement in rotating, scaling and moving objects. I used Blender for a while and the one big time saver is that you can use a key to move an object. In move mode you can type X / Y / Z to move in these directions which is just great to get the perfect position of an object. This can be done with the gumball, but it takes way more time.

So my question is if there is a way to get a key binding for example gz to move an object in z- Direction or gy for Y- Direction etc…? The Origin could be the gumball center which I can´t “reach” while using the commandline.

Could someone help me with this one or even write an script?

Even if you think you won´t need this feature you will absolutely love this huge timer- saver!! So please spend the time and figure something out for the community! :slight_smile: I tried lots of stuff, but I´m not able to get this feature in rhino myself :frowning:

Hi siadebisi - for moving (not rotating/scaling) objects, the nudge keys do what I think you are asking - see Help on Nudge keys.


See the help file for the Nudge command and its settings.

As for rotate and scale, those are easily macro’ed.
For example a 1 degree rotation: rotate pause pause 1